Parent Child Community (Under 3s)

Inspire. Educate. Involve


Anniebelle Vergel de Dios

Little Hands Montessori is a Parent Child Program specifically for infants and toddlers. It is a specialized program that is both for parents and their children. My main goal for establishing such a service is to Inspire, Educate, and Involve Parents in navigating the complexities of parenthood using an authentic Montessori approach. We all know that being able to support and guide parents is an essential factor in raising children and in fact a community effort. 

Join us and discover what Little Hands Montessori is all about. 

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I am Anniebelle Vergel de Dios, Managing Director of Little Hands at Work, the only stand alone Montessori Parent Child Program (for under 3s) in Sydney. I have an AMI 0-3 Assistants to Infancy Montessori Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I have been working passionately with families and children for over a decade. 

I enjoy reading books, traveling and hiking with my family.