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Parent-Infant Program

2 months - 8 months 

$300 per term

This class is designed for parents to learn more about developmental milestone of their baby most especially in the first months of the child's life. The parent is able to observe their baby as how she responds in the environment. There will be a lot of opportunities for tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation using Montessori materials. 

The Movers

The Movers

Parent and Infant Program

8 months - 15 months (crawling - learning to walk)

$350 per term

This is a fantastic time where babies explore the environment through movement! The prepared environment for babies will enable them to choose Montessori materials that will help with their eye hand coordination, balance, and movement. There will be opportunities as well for painting, food preparation and singing. 

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Parent Toddler Program

16 months - 2 1/2 years old 

As soon as the child can walk steadily by themselves, they enjoy discovering things around them. This class offers different activities from cutting fruits or vegetables to be shared for morning tea, setting up the table, baking, watering plants, painting, puzzles, and language lesson! These activities will develop gross and fine motor skills,  conversations and language lessons will develop communication and social skills. Parents will benefit tremendously as they learn how to collaborate with their child who wants to do everything for himself at this age. 


Testimonials from Parents

"Luca absolutely loves drinking his water like mum and dad now looking forward to see if Luca is going to start cleaning our windows tomorrow Thank you very much Anniebelle for a great class!

Jenia Romanova

Manly NSW


"Anniebelle has an exceptional gift of working with kids to discover and find themselves through real life tasks while having fun! My kids adore her and so do us parents as we've learnt some great tools to help our kids do things for themselves. Can't recommend this business highly enough!

Coralie Daun

Freshwater NSW

Benji and I love coming every Monday to play with Anniebelle she has a really good nature with babies and her room and resources are great! She is also really encouraging and have always great advice for me... We hope we can come and join again next year!

Maria Salcedo

Dee Why NSW

Testimonials from Colleague


Thanks Anniebelle your wealth of knowledge and information is always so helpful to me both personally and professionally. 

Mali Mavallal

Brookvale NSW

Anniebelle was a fantastic teacher and mentor. Her knowledge and expertise has inspired me to also become a Montessori Teacher for under 3. Shes isn't only great at mentoring teachers, she also has brilliant ways to educate parents on how to work better with their toddlers and help to understand them more. I definitely recommend Anniebelle to be your teacher, mentor. One of the best most inspiring teachers I've ever worked with throughout my career.

Kimberly Wong

Wellington, New Zealand