Mix Class (Mover & Independent)

Term 4 * Nov 6

Parent Child Program

9 months - 3 years

Tuesday 9am

6 weeks

This is a fantastic time where babies explore the environment through movement! The prepared environment for babies will enable them to choose Montessori materials that will help with their eye hand coordination, balance, and movement. There will be opportunities as well for painting, food preparation and singing. 

The Independent

Term 4 * Oct 16

***2 spots available***

Parent Toddler Program

14 months - 3 years

As soon as the child can walk steadily by themselves, they enjoy discovering things around them. This class offers different activities from cutting fruits or vegetables to be shared for morning tea, setting up the table, baking, watering plants, painting, puzzles, and language lesson! These activities will develop gross and fine motor skills,  conversations and language lessons will develop communication and social skills. Parents will benefit tremendously as they learn how to collaborate with their child who wants to do everything for himself.

* This will help transition your child to 3-6 Montessori Environment

The Observer

Term 4 * Nov 7

Parent-Infant Program

2 months - 8 months  

Nov 7-Nov 28 

( 4 sessions only)

This class is designed for parents to learn more about developmental milestone of their baby most especially in the first months of the child's life. The parent is able to observe their baby as how she responds in the environment. There will be a lot of opportunities for tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation using Montessori materials.